You are your child's first teacher

I wish someone had gifted me this book before I became a parent. It had all the knowledge in there that could have helped me have a deeper understanding much sooner than I did. It contains some of the most important things I learned as a parent. Due to our culture, we are not learning and understanding enough about children before we become parents. Therefore we often don't have the understanding that we really need to raise children. We often have too high expectations, do not treat children to their developmental understanding, and often do not truly understand what young children really do need from us. We repeat the same parenting patterns and habits we learned as children which may not be benefitting us and our children now. This leaves us vulnerable to advertising which often tells us we should be doing this or we should be doing or buying that which is often contrary to what our children really need from us. More than ever due to the way we live we need the understanding of our children's developmental needs so they can be truly nourished. You truly are Your child's first teacher. Birth - 7 years are some of the most important years in childhood because these are where the child will learn the habits for life. This is why the structure of the family is so important. We cannot underestimate the work we do for our families at home. They are extremely important for the rest of the child's life.

You are your child's first teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy is a must-have for parents to be and parents of young children.

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