What Nature teaches us in the Autumn

Parent and Child Waldorf Group - September.

"If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher."

Rudolph Steiner

As part of the Parent and Child Waldorf Group, each month I will write a blog post with inspiration of some kind related to inner work to support you in your inner work and family life.

The Parent and Child Group is not just about your children. It is also about you. As a Mother you have a direct impact on holding space in your home. We need support with this and it also requires inner work for us to be at our healthiest state of mind, we must nourish ourselves first.

Inner work is the work we do that supports our inner life, our inner world. What we do in our inner life has a great impact on everything externally in our lives and how we react or respond to it.

It is a way to bring us a healthier state of being, to heal from past pains and to let go of things that no longer serve us so we can enjoy the human experience in a much more purposeful way!

Autumn is a magical time. It is the time of the year that I feel most connected to. I think it's down to the massive shifts and changes that happen in Nature.

Autumn feels so abundant to me. Everything is being ready to harvest, there's an abundance of nuts, berries and fruits. It's a time of gathering, of making, of storing for both animals and humans. Nature bares the most beautiful gifts and treasures.

The change of weather, golden light, misty mornings, dew drop glistening on spider webs brings us a delight to the senses.

The Summer is over now and Autumn has arrived. There's a slight chill, a refreshing feeling in the air. The days are becoming shorter, the nights are drawing in sooner. It's a time where we start going inward, earlier bedtimes, the feeling of warmer and richer comfort foods. Perhaps staying indoors more.

The trees and the creatures in Nature are deeply connected to the Earth. They notice the changes. Animals start to gather their stores ready for the Winter.

The trees start to go through transformations, turning colours of red, amber and gold.

The leaves dance and flutter in the breeze and float down to the ground.

The trees know how beautiful it is to let go of their leaves. Everything is all connected. They are not afraid, they let go peacefully knowing it's all part of the process of transformation.

Accepting Impermanence and Letting go.

I love to live in tune with Nature and it's cycles because it helps me to feel more connected. We can learn some of the most important lessons in life through experiencing Nature first hand. Nature teaches us how beautiful it is to let go.

As humans we are able to develop lasting happiness and wisdom and understand the impermanence of things.

We often fear letting go. But letting go is a part of our lives. Everything in our lives will inevitably end at some point. The fear of letting go and losing things is what stops us from living in harmony and flow with the earth.

It takes time to learn to let go. We watch the leaves let go of their leaves, and we also have things to let go on. The more we hold on to things, the less in flow we are. The more we keep things inside, the harder it is. We bring ourselves so much turmoil when we don't let go. It could be anything from pain and hurt, to something someone said, an inner fear, something that is bothering you from the past, present etc the more we hold on the more painful life is.

Letting go is not something to be afraid of. As you let go new and fresh come into our lives, we feel lighter letting go of things that bother us and hold us back.

Just as Spring comes after Winter, also freshness comes for us too.

Take some time to watch the trees, and notice in your life anything that you may currently need to let go of.

At this time of year following the Autumn Equinox we can find ourselves naturally moving into a state of sadness, lethargy and perhaps even anger.

This is an indication that we have things to let go of as we just like nature are starting to go inward into the Winter and colder months of the year, this is also symbolic of our inner life that we need to work on in clearing things that no longer serve us.

I really encourage you to Journal. Journaling brings us closer to ourselves and it is often through writing that we can unexpectedly ask ourselves questions and find answers we were not expecting.

Some ideas for journal prompts.

How do I feel?

Is there anything that is bothering me at the moment?

What do I need to let go of?

What no longer serves me in my life?

What do I want to do more of?

What have a I learned about myself this year?

I love to Journal and I learned from Julia Camerons book The Artists Way that free flow writing first thing in the morning is a really good way to clear your head, learn about yourself and make space for new inspiring thoughts and creations.

I hope this is helpful for you.



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