The Roots of Education - New Online Course for Home Educators

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." William Butler Yeats

Education is compulsory - School isn't.

The Roots of Education is a new course exclusively for Home Educators.

The Roots of education is a new online course starting in March 2021. Working through 10 parts over 10 weeks that guide you on your child's journey of education, including your own. This course is dedicated to Home Education and educating yourself as a parent, learning together, whether at home or outdoors. No one gives you a handbook to be a parent. Most parents send their children to school simply because that is what everyone else does, but children have been learning from their families for generations from simply living together and life experience.

I believe it is important to educate yourself. Not just go to School or university and be told to memorise information that allows you to work in a particular field, but to really follow your own interests and learn about things in the world that interest you. Just simply for the pure joy and love of learning. This is really where learning ignites a fire within. When it comes from a place of joy, learning becomes a wonderful dance of exploring the world you live in just because, with no real reason other than for the pure joy of it. Also, it's the best way for your brain to store information and to remember it, to access it at a later point.

Self - directed education will be a life long love for me. I am always learning about things that interest me. This might be through books, the internet, courses, having conversations with people or experienced individuals in a certain area whether in person or online, or most often just going out and exploring it and doing it myself. But it wasn't always this way. After Infant, junior, high school, 6th form, and college I had gotten into a rut of feeling fed up with being presented with too much information. My brain felt full of stuff, none of which felt useful to me. It was for this reason that I declined my place at university and went down the route of entrepreneurship to follow my interests which were people and photography. But along this journey I learned much more than making pictures, I learned business, finances, organisation, tech, how to communicate and direct, marketing, customer service, branding, editing and so much more.

It was here that I was truly able to satisfy my hunger for connection and creativity which I couldn't find anywhere else and this thirst I had for enjoyment in life began to become quenched and satisfied. I finally began to learn about myself and what I really wanted from life. I started to realise that there was little I had learned at School that actually supported me in life, neither did I remember anything for that matter after I had taken the exams. I am sure there are some life lessons I learned at school and a handful of things I do remember but to be honest the best experiences I have had have been when I have been intrinsically motivated by my own interests. These have been a separate part of "Schooling" these experiences have been the most valuable in my life without a doubt. I do however believe that Colleges and Universities do hold an important place in Education and I am grateful to have access to this in my country. It is a privilege to be able to access higher education.

The Roots of Education goes deep into everything you need to know to know about home education, give you the support you need to start home education, build your confidence and understanding, and to educate yourself further into discovering more about the purpose of education. I help you to dig deep into why you make the decisions you do and how to help you create the life that you truly desire for yourself and for your children. I help you find purpose in what you are doing and to reflect on where you are and where you are going without worrying about the future. There is no one way to home educate and that is why I have created this course to share with you in a simple and practical way a multitude of ways in which you can find your own path that works for your own family and your own set of needs and desires to make it fully bespoke. I help you find practical ways to become organised and create a Rhythm, that flows rather than feels rigid and too structured. The joy of home education is that you can choose what you like and what you don't like, you can adopt things from various different approaches and create your own authentic style of education, in your own way combining all the good stuff.

Further down the page, I explain further about what is included in each section each week.

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Do you feel confused about making a choice to Home educate?

Perhaps you have so many questions that you need answering to feel sure of your choice

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the choices of curriculum, courses, and subscriptions available

Perhaps you lack confidence in your decision, you have a gut feeling home education feels right but you are still worried about your children's future

You may be worried about how much home education might cost and how can you possibly afford things if you have only one income

Or perhaps you have a partner or family member who doesn't support you in your decision which is causing conflict in your life

Maybe you buy every resource insight but never feel like you are doing enough

You don't feel consistent at life and want to have a plan but you are not sure where to start and why

Perhaps you want to deepen your relationships at home so the experience of home educating is more fulfilling

You feel like you pour all of your time into your children and want to carve out time for your self but feel guilty doing so

Perhaps your home is a mess and you are struggling to get organised and make time and space

You want to create a calm, loving environment but that is also stimulating and challenging enough for your child's needs, but you are not exactly sure what that looks like

You feel like you spend all your time taking your children to groups and activities and want life to feel simpler and enjoyable but still do the things they want to do

You have children of different ages and are struggling to juggle all the different stages they are currently at

You are struggling to meet people in your community and make friends

You are unsure how to meet your child's needs at different ages and stages in a way that feels good to you

You are not sure whether you should be teaching your child specific things, or facilitating a space for them to explore in their own way

You are not sure whether you should be doing things a certain way, should it be school at home, or should it be sitting at the table doing workbooks or something else

You want Home Education to work for your family more than anything but you just need support from someone who understands you, supports you, and encourages you

"I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message." Steve Irwin

Imagining what Home Education can look like for your family

Imagine an education for your children that involved waking up in their own time feeling well-rested from a good night's sleep, no rushing out to the school gates but instead, a slow morning filled with things you and your child actually wanted to do. A fresh mind eager for the day.

Imagine an Education that is snuggling up under a warm blanket with hot tea, delicious homemade bread, devouring beautiful language through a pile of gorgeous storybooks.

Imagine Education that is spent as long hours in the woods building dens, exploring wildlife, and becoming familiar with the sounds and creatures that live there, experiencing all of your human senses throughout the seasons. Climbing high into the trees building strength and resilience.

Imagine Education that doesn't require you to rush around and move into the next thing and the next thing, but a day that is rhythmic and joyful and allows you to enjoy one thing at a time in full presence, exploring the avenues at a pace suited to them.

Imagine an Education that is simply full of exploration, discovery, and curiosity every single day.

Imagine an education with the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, question the world you live in, and ample time to explore unanswered questions, and just ponder them.

Imagine an education filled with the gift of daydreaming - a window into the mysterious imagination that could take you anywhere.

Imagine an education that includes playing all day at the park with friends and loved ones and the ability to follow your own path at each turn knowing that there are no mistakes to be made only lessons to be learned.

Imagine an education that follows your own instincts and interests that start with a question, a thought, and intrigue.

Imagine an education with freedom of movement, speech, curiosity, and wonder.

Imagine Opportunities to experience and learn new ways of doing things and understanding that there's no one right way to do things.

Imagine a day where education is an invitation to play and discover the secrets of the universe and the capacities of the human mind without a tick box insight.

Imagine an education where experience and learning happen symbiotically and naturally through life and lived experience, just through a simple natural interest in what is around you

Imagine the opportunities you can only dream of for your children and that they are dreaming of are now are possible for you to learn together alongside your child into this journey or pure curiosity.

Imagine an education that meant your child could have a long, slow, uninterrupted childhood.

Let's look at what is included in each section. Each week we go deep into these different sections.

Part 1 - What is Education

What is education

What is Schooling

A brief History of Education

Making the decision not to send your child to school

Why home educate

Taking your child out of school

Going deep into finding your why and why this is important

My Story

Why it's hard to leave the systems we have grown up in

How does your brain work when it comes to familiar and unfamiliar


Why I was anti home education in the beginning

FAQ home education

Important questions to ask yourself about what you really want for your children

Moving away from reward-based systems and into the infinite quantum field of ideas

Why it's counterproductive to convince your partner to home educate

Conflicting views with family and friends and how to handle it

Being confident to trust in your decision

What to do if you struggle to communicate with your family and friends

Home Education vs Home Schooling

Flexi schooling

Free time brings more free and fresh thinkers

Why home education isn't for everyone

Going back into mainstream education after Home educating

Why does School work best for some children

Why does alternative education work better for others

Celebrating diversity and authenticity in home education

Alternative views in the Home Education World

Part 2 - Education Begins at home

Education begins at home


Family values


Child development

A Slow Childhood

How to nurture your child's innate genius

Nurturing your child's natural intelligences

How do children learn

Why does temperament matter

How to determine your child's learning style

You're mental health and well being

Our children are our best teachers

The Parent and child relationship

Love languages

Part 3 - Creativity and Imagination

Creativity and Imagination

Setting up spaces in your home to encourage play and creativity


Letting go




Being open to spontaneity

Building resilience

Understanding the importance of Play

Different forms of play

Play outdoors in Nature

Playspaces at home


Creating mental space for creativity

The importance of stillness

Part 4 - Child development and Education during childhood

Giving your child a childhood

Home Education - The early years 0-7

Home Education - 7-14

Home Education - 14-21

Part 5 - The meaning and purpose of documentation