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Updated: Jan 17

I am delighted to share my new book with you all about The Power of Storytelling in your home available to purchase online as an e-book in spring 2021. (available as a pre-order with gift bonuses now - further details at the end)

I first got the idea for this book when lockdown first hit back in March 2020. It just came to me one day when I was thinking, How can I help? How can I serve at this time? I started writing and researching how to publish an e-book and wrote down lots of ideas but then my laptop broke, the hard drive it was saved on broke along with the USB that it was also saved on stopped working. I was so frustrated I left it and was angry about it for a little while. Summer and Autumn went by and I thought a lot about writing it as I had hoped it would be available in 2019 for families to read it but I pushed it to the back of my mind again.

After a house move and Christmas my husband checked out the hard drive again and we managed to get the book off it and so delighted I have sat down to begin writing again.

Why am I writing this Ebook?

I'm writing it because I'm really passionate about stories and how they can support our families and how we can connect to each other through stories and supporting children with a love of stories from early on. Stories bring us together like a good cup of tea and warm the soul.

Who am I writing this E-book for?

Anyone who works with children. Particularly parents.

What do I hope that you will do once you have read the book?

My hope is to really help parents understand the importance of stories and make them highly valued, allow families to spend more time connecting together sharing not just books but their own personal stories and documentation. I hope to help families to use this information to create an important and treasured family value in as many homes as possible throughout the globe. My hope is that parents' confidence and playfulness can grow through becoming more comfortable sharing their own stories and making them a well loved part of family life, as well as knowing that we all have stories inside us and we all have something to share that is worthy of sharing with another.

I'd love to tell you briefly about it to give you an idea of how it will support you in your family life and give you the confidence to grow.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is all about the roots of storytelling and the importance of language in homes

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is all about the power of storytelling in your homes and about sharing our lives with one another to bring wholeness and connection

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is all about the environment and how this impacts our children. I talk about how spaces matter and discuss child development along with some ideas about creating cosy nooks for sharing stories.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is all about the different kinds of stories there are around us and how stories can support children throughout their development and ideas on how to introduce these at the best time. I also discuss how we can use stories as medicine and healing and how stories can support your family life in diverse ways in supporting children's behaviours and struggles growing up.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is all about the importance of imagination and how we can encourage our children as well as nourish our own creativity and imagination. I discuss a myriad of ways to create stories from silly, to making puppets, using light and shadow, creating puppet and play shows, and much more using what you already have at home.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is all about creating a storytelling rhythm and ideas for how and when to tell stories.

Pre-order now

If you pre-order the ebook through Paypal before the launch date in spring you also get some gift bonuses which includes:

- videos that support you with creating a beautiful storytelling rhythm

-pdf with patterns to create your own puppets

- tutorials on how to create your own story resources from materials in your home

-a list of books and stories that are highly recommended

So there we have it, a little introduction for you about the book. I am really looking forward to sharing it with you.

Order here for just £6.99

Until then, have a wonderful day guys!



About the author

Jade Evans is a Parent Educator/Coach ad the Creator of The Rooted Family.

Her work focuses on following the natural development of the growing child self - directed education, play - the language of the child, and the inner work of the parent.

Jade helps families to create harmony and flow in the home through strong rhythms and a nurturing environment to nourish your growing family from the inside out.

Over the last 12 years, Jade has worked as a family photographer and filmmaker working with clients all over the world documenting real life. Fascinated by Psychology and how people communicate with one another in our culture, Jade has embarked on a new journey supporting families to create the life they truly want that is aligned with their deepest values.

She believes that the way we parent has the power to transform the world and shift into a new paradigm. She believes it's most important that we change ourselves first, by confronting our past, healing from our pain, and fully accepting ourselves. It is only then that we can truly parent from a whole place of consciousness. Only then can we truly see our children as who they really are and why they are here to fulfill our true purpose.

Jade lives in beautiful north wales surrounded by Nature, She lives with her husband and son alongside their dog Luna. She believes strongly in self-directed education and is hugely inspired by the forest school movement and Waldorf education.

Jade works with parents in a nurturing and compassionate way and holds space to step into the person you really are.

Jade teaches online courses, 121, and group coaching and creates holistic resources to support you in your journey.

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