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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

"It is in playing, and only in playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self."

D.W. Winnicott

We all want what is best for our children

We all have this need, want, and desire to give our children the best we can possibly give them. But do we really know what our true role as a parent is? Do we really understand what the role of childhood is? Do we really understand the unique needs of our children? Do we really understand our children's developmental, emotional, physical needs and other needs are? To reach our full human potential there are many needs one desires in different forms to be a whole human being.

We are not required to have a degree or a master's or even take a course to become a parent, and yet becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing and hardest jobs in the world which requires us to give so much of ourselves.

I believe it is important to educate yourself, I understand that time can be difficult for parents which is why I am dedicated to supporting you as a parent educator in your family life through my blog, social media, holistic courses, and coaching to help you learn more about yourself and understand your role as a parent and the role of the child so you are able to make informed choices and create your own life based on your own family values. Many of us just follow the same cycles that we were brought up with. Some of these patterns may be healthy and support us and some may not. Our world is changing at an alarming rate and we must slow down to notice what is happening in the systems surrounding us. We must, more than ever educate ourselves, create family values and live them, begin to really understand our role and the child's so we can be sure to move forward in the direction that we believe is going to support and prepare us and our children for the future. We need our intuition for this too. We have other senses that play a part in this physical world we live in. We need to learn to activate them so we can work with all of our gifts and make choices with our hearts and our head.

This takes time and work. I am here to help! I am here to help you educate yourself and grow in the way you need to in this changing world. We cannot stay the same, we must transform in order to evolve and grow in this changing world.

Our children need us and look to us for guidance. We have to plan and learn for a future that is not here yet. That is where play comes in. It is only through play that we can create that which has never been created before.

We are not born great parents - We learn to become great parents

When we become parents we are not automatically great at it because we have a child.

What makes a great parent is someone who is always willing to learn or unlearn what they thought they knew, to learn a new way.

It is someone who is willing to become uncomfortable in order to grow.

It is being afraid to make mistakes but finding out that life is about making mistakes anyway.

It is learning that we are not perfect and that we are always going to be learning and evolving throughout our life, there is no destination. It's all about the journey.

It is finding a way to create a deeper understanding of what is really important and sometimes letting go and creating a new world.

Learning to become a great parent is someone who has to revisit their own childhood again to heal so that they can truly see their child and their uniqueness they have brought with them into this world.

Learning to be a great parent is to see your imperfections and to learn to become comfortable with them so that your child knows that it's OK to accept themselves as they are.

Learning to be a great parent is to learn how to truly love life again and see things afresh.

Be willing to forgive yourself, be willing to try new things, be willing to face your fears, and do things out of your comfort zone.

You need to be able to say sorry when you make a mistake and not blame your children for your actions.

You need to listen to your child as much as you want to be heard because when you listen your little ones learn the art of listening too.

We must be patient with ourselves because we are doing things and having experiences that we have never had before and it takes time to learn how to do things and find your groove so give yourself some real love.

We are not born great parents, remember this. We become great parents as we unlearn, learn, let go, love ourselves, and be open to growing and be taught by our little teachers. Love yourself, be open, and be open to growth in the many ways it invites us to evolve and become the best we can be.

Why I created The Power of Play

I created The Power of Play - online course because I believe parents, educators, and carers need it. They need this information and guidance.

Every day I will hear a new story about how children's play and creativity are being exploited in some way and there's really conflicting stories surrounding play. I aim to untangle this and help you understand what children do need and require from us.

Play is one of the most important pillars of childhood.

I want to educate people on the importance of it, how we can support it, and support our children's childhood and development as well as our communities.

There are lots of things happening in Britain such as early academics, sedentary culture, children's movement being restricted, lack of understanding of what play is, screen culture is creeping in, lack of understanding of children's needs for movement and expression and space to play, Also it seems that Play is unimportant to some people and including education systems. This must change or there are going to be serious consequences in our children's mental health in the future.

If we are not educated in our children's required needs how can we stand up for our children's basic rights for play and movement?

If we are not educated how do we know when things are not quite right, we cannot always trust what systems before us set out, we cannot always trust that they have our children's best interests for a whole and nourishing education that supports the whole child.

We need to have more understanding of the growing child, and their developmental needs in order to provide the best that we possibly can for them to thrive.

Our children shape the future, we must dedicate time to understand them.

The Power Of Play - Tell me about the course

Let's break down what I cover in the 4-week course.

There are 4 modules

Module 1

- What is Play?

- Importance of Play

- The Role of the Parent and the Role of the Child

The Great Outdoors

- Outdoor play

- What is available to us?

- What's stopping you from using it?

- Tips for getting the most out of outdoor play

-How do we utilize indoors for quality play and creativity?

- Western Culture Problems

- What spaces are available to play?

- How children see their environment

- Use of art materials/recycled materials in creativity and play

Module 2

- Purposeful Work in Play

- Making and doing real things

- How to create tinker boxes and items to explore within the play

-The Problems with the toy industry

- Why we need to buy less and make more

- How we give our children more with less

- How to provide materials and invitations

Module 3

- How Schools and Homes vary and how to make your home a haven for Play

- Parental Guilt around Play and time spent with children

- Letting go of what play looks like and being open to the infinite possibilities of play

- Big Body Play - The Importance of (Tumble play)

- The importance of stories and imagination in Play

- Encouraging play by the language we use and how we value it

- How to value play in your home and community and become a Play Advocate

Module 4

- Why Play encourages the best kind of independence for our children

- Interview with Greg Botrill - Can I go and Play now

- Interview with Sion Edwards - Play Worker

- How Screens and devices affect Play and the child's brain and our Parental Roles in the choices we make.

What are people saying about The Power of play?


Hi lovely Jade, I just wanted to give you some feedback on your wonderful Power of Play course. I'm so inspired, I absolutely love it, I love the section about Nature it really has brought so much back to me that I want to do more of, wonderful. I am really grateful for what you are doing and the time and effort you put into it it's really, really beautiful and I can tell how much it comes from the heart, and everything you write completely resonates with me. Your wonderful and the course is wonderful. It has really reignited so much in me.


Hi Jade! I have almost completed the course though finding it tricky with crawling 9 month old. My mum recommended it to me!! I have really loved it so far, the time to reflect and journaling prompts have been fantastic, and (as often is the case with journaling) I’ve made new discoveries about how my own upbringing has impacted upon my values and hopes for O as he grows. I also love the reminder that it’s OK to not occupy children all the time, and that it is important for them to have time to imagine and explore on their own terms. As I’ve mentioned, O is only 9 months, but already there are times I can just sit on the floor with him and mindfully watch how he moves and interacts with his environment! We got caught up in buying lots of toys for him at times (though many are second hand) yet his current favourite things are 1.a spatula 2. His toothbrush which is a lovely reminder that often what we think we need, we don’t. Thank you for your course. It’s been both eye-opening and inspirational.


I want to thank you for the Power of Play course – I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and I hold the same position as you when it comes to play. It made me so happy to find others who think like me! You’ve definitely inspired me to fully appreciate nature and get outside more!


I've finished the power of play! Finally, 😅 all very thought provoking.

On tomorrow's try to-do list, make a mud pit in the garden. But in all seriousness, thank you, Jade. It's given me that nudge to implement some things I've been meaning to do but have never got around to.

We deconstructed our tv when it broke down, about 4 years ago now, and not replacing it has been a very good decision. We do watch films on the laptop, and I have a couple of kids app things on my phone. But it was so freeing getting away from screen time disagreements and advertising ❤️

Thank you. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Though it may take me a while!

Give me more details about The Power Of Play

When does the course take place?

The course starts on Monday 16th November you will receive an email each week via email with the relevant content. It's a self-paced course so I recommend reading the content each week and doing the Journal prompts you can manage and then you can go back to each relevant section that you want to work on in your family and home life.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Early bird open on Monday 2nd November for 7 days

Paypal payment here: (open on Monday 2nd)

The early bird is £39 - open for 7 days and will go back to £49 once ended.

There will be a Q and A session each week in the community group where I will answer any questions that are coming up for you and I will be there to support you with what you are finding difficult and offer suggestions and support in any way I can!

Lot's of love



Due to the nature of the course being online, there are no refunds given. Please purchase with intention.

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