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Updated: Aug 7

The Heartbeat of the Family Home begins with Rhythm

Being a parent can feel overwhelming. Trying to care of the children, the house, the job, the other million and one things on the list that you just don't know where to start to make the best changes in your home. You want to do a good job but it often feels only mediocre. You want more from life, you want to feel to confident and certain in your choices each day.

I know how much you want a more peaceful home, I can see how much you crave harmony and flow. I totally understand how you want to tear your hair out when you can't get your little one to brush their teeth or have a bath or get their shoes on. I know you want to feel confident in your role as a parent, even playful with your kids, you want to feel like you understand your children and you want to feel appreciated and respected for all that you do on a daily basis.

I want you to know that you were not meant to do this alone. Parents need support and guidance, so they can make choices that work for their unique family requirements and needs. It's not easy to make changes because we need time to look at our lives from a different perspective in order to make the changes over time to create the homes we want.

The good thing is that your life can be more connected and enjoyable, you can have more time to do the things you would like, and there can be harmony and flow as well as peace and joy! You can create a space and a feeling that just works in your home. Your children will feel more secure, they will feel more content and they know what to expect. You will flourish as a result. You will know how to make tweaks, you will know how to support your children and yourself and you will just be in the flow more than you are out of it!

This is where Rhythm comes in.

The Heart of the Home Course is taught over 5 weeks online where we will go deep in exploring your family values and what is important to you, how to create the life you want, and create harmony, flow, peace, and joy. You will learn how to stay calm and connected for your children and confidently move through transitions more effectively in supporting your young children through the daily Rhythms you will create that make a difference in your life.

The best thing about the course is that you can do it self-paced if you prefer to go at your own pace or struggle to keep up each week.

What can creating a strong, anticipated Rhythm do for your family?

- Rhythm is your best friend and guides with young children

- It is the heartbeat of your home life

- It is what helps you stay on track with your family values, to live a more purposeful life.

- It helps you to make time for the things that are important to you and to stop and notice what is working and what is not.

- Rhythm helps you to stay in the flow doing the things that are important to you in the most simple way possible.

- It can help you to stay calm and focused in situations and be able to hold space for your children and yourself.

- It helps you and your children to feel more comfortable about what is coming next.

- It allows you to feel more confident as a parent with less conflict and unpredictability.

- Helps you to strengthen your relationships and connections whilst making time for what is important every day.

- Simplifying your often hectic life into do able dependable and steps to bring more joy into your family life.

- Helps you to complete tasks and purposeful work without feeling guilty and become something you enjoy alongside your children.

Tell me more about what we learn in the course?

Week 1 - What is Rhythm

- Why is Rhythm important for young children

- Why crafting a Rhythm helps you to create harmony and flow in your home

- Building the foundations of Rhythm in your home and family life for success

- Why it's never too early or late to create a Rhythm

- How to create the nurturing environment your baby/ young child needs

- How to have a playful attitude at home to engage with your children

- Inner work for the parent is key in supporting The Heartbeat of your home

Week 2 - Looking at Rhythms throughout the year guiding us through the seasons

- The Importance of Nature in your Rhythm for young children and families

- Celebrations and Birthdays and how these all impact Rhythm for young children

- How to deal with difficult times of day such as brushing teeth etc

- Using stories and songs to support transitions throughout the day

- Finding Joy in the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Rhythms

- Purposeful work in the home for parents and children - understanding imitation

- Filling up yourself and filling your children up with the love bucket

Week 3 - Transitions in family life and how this affects children

- Facing challenges within your home (ie death, behaviour, struggles, moving house, new baby etc)

- Why we do require some conflict

- What to do if you feel your family life keeps changing

- The importance of the parents self-care in holding the space at home

- How to meet your own needs and your families in a respectful way

- Why I don't use rewards and punishments or this method for a chart

Week 4 - Creating a visual Rhythm for your home

- Displaying your Rhythm

- Using a seasonal nature table to celebrate the seasons in your home

- Exploring your family values and creating the life you want

- Writing a family mission statement/discussing family meetings

Week 5 - Bonus

- Documenting your Rhythm - find more joy and positivity in the journey

- How documentation supports you in finding joy and gratitude in Family life

- How mindfulness and creativity can support us mentally in our journey

- Releasing parental guilt so we can actually enjoy just being with ourselves and our kids

We are all connected but our Rhythms may look a little different

Each family is unique and has a slightly different lifestyle from the other, that is why each of our Rhythms are all a little bit different from one another, You create it bespoke for you and your family. What I love about this is that you get to connect with like-minded families who you learn from too in the process.

What else is included?

Each week there will be a Q and A video where I can answer your questions and support you in more depth with your family life each week.

There will also be further links to additional learning such as books, videos, which I recommend should you wish to delve further into this.

I will also give you some journal questions which will help you to consider your family's unique needs and take some time to dig deeper into the creation of your family Rhythm and the values you have to create the family life you are dreaming of!

You also have lifetime access to the course which means every time I teach it you reap the benefits of doing it again each time or working on a different aspect of it as your family grows when you may be exploring changes that you might need to address. You also benefit from anything I add to the course in the future.

What is the cost?

The cost is £49 with the early bird price then it's £39

The early bird is open on 14th August for 7 days

The course starts on Wednesday 8th September

Due to the nature of the course being online, there are no refunds given. Please purchase with intention.

The course details will be sent to your email each week and the live videos will take place in the facebook group.

When you have paid you will receive an invite to the group on Facebook before the course where the online course live videos will take place. If you don't receive an invitation please contact me directly at

Thank you for joining us and I look forward to connecting with you.

Love Jade


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