Poached eggs and lessons learned

I successfully made poached eggs for the first time recently. I was really pleased with myself. They tasted delicious too.

I was at my friend's house and we were chatting and she was making lunch for the kids and as we were chatting I was observing the poached egg creation alongside this. I remember thinking wow that looks so easy. Why have I tried and failed so many times at making poached eggs? It looked so easy when my friend did it. Why couldn't I do something so easy?

I went home and tried it myself and for the first time ever I made perfect poached eggs.

So what changed?

It got me thinking about how I hadn't tried for so long because I failed every time and gave up in the end thinking I must be stupid. I'll just stick to fried and scrambled I thought!

This was a great lesson for me as a home educator and parent.

When babies and young children are little they will fail and fail and fail many times until they can do certain things and yet they never give up. They never stop trying to communicate, they never stop trying to figure out that piece of the puzzle going in the right way, they never stop learning trying to walk, or learning to put that spoon in their mouth with food on. They never stop.

School changes this concept and has us believe that failure is bad, that we won't succeed unless we get things right the first time. It teaches us to get things right then explore the reasons around that. But the reality is that failure is a huge lesson. Getting things right the first time doesn't teach us to learn about the process and what we learn from the in-between moments. It doesn't give us the opportunity to think how could I change this, how could I see a different perspective, how can I see what I haven't noticed before.

If we got everything right the first time we would never learn the important lessons that come with failure. There is much more rich learning in the process than the result. That is where the real learning is.

Babies are innately born with this gift, let's teach our children that failure is good.

Failure is good. Failure is good. Failure is good. There truly is no rush to get everything right. Get it wrong and see what you learn in the process.

Failure helps us to grow.

Lot's of love Jade

ps my friend Amy is the poached egg Queen :)


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