Opening up

Alone in the woods,

I'm in another world.

A peaceful one,

Full of song, dance, and sound.

Light dancing through the trees, my fingers catching the shadows.

Every nook and cranny I'm curious to discover a new world.

Who knows what one might find;

A swirly snail shell,

A little bug,

A carpet full of bluebells beneath my feet.

Fuzzy warm bees bodies buzzing past me with their tiny wings.

My senses feel fully open and aware and alive.

I feel more alive here than anywhere else in the world.

My hearing sharper than before,

The wind soothing my ears with its soft breath.

The bird song opening my heart,

The colour fresh and wild.

Magical worlds being found and secret places hidden with stories from long ago.

I wonder who's been here before?

Spider webs covered in dandelion seeds,

Moss feels soft and dewy under my fingertips.

Feeling at one with all that is.

Every step I take something is crawling beneath me,

Tiny hairs on plants I never saw before until getting in close in wonder.

Look again and always see something new.

On my hands and knees or standing, I see anew like a child for the first time.

Trees growing out of trees,

Nature's miracle finds a way.

From below and above I can see different things in a new way from a different perspective.

I love to get close to the ground smell the comforting earth that gives us all life.

Mother earth a selfless goddess.

My mind is peaceful but also full of visions of worlds within worlds.

I yearn for a deep quiet like this to last forever where I can be lost in the slumber of oneness in nature with no end and no beginning.

Dancing butterflies above the bluebells carry me lightly along, I feel like I'm flying.

Crunchy bracken under my feet and spiders scuttling to and fro,

Death, rebirth, and transformation all in one place.

Everything connected one and the same,

A green dot on a bluebell touched by my finger unfurled a beautiful green spider curled up.

So many shapes, colours and textures,

Intricate patterns and symmetry everywhere,

Bugs under bark.

I find myself in nature,

I lose myself there too.

Fresh and new, hanging on or falling, changing or decaying or waiting to birth forth new life there's always a part of my current state I can find within nature when I stop, look, listen and most importantly feel right now in the present moment because that is truly all there is.

After several days of feeling poorly but enduring much deep needed rest, I found myself feeling creative today. I found myself opening in awareness on a nature walk, I found myself noticing, feeling, and opening and so I wanted to share with you some words and photographs that I encountered today. It was a wonderful and deeply peaceful experience. I am most creative and happy when I have been deeply rested and away from the world. I forget how that feels but when I do it I most fully enjoy it and am trying to embrace my quiet introverted side much more to more deeply open in the realms of the imaginary worlds and to step into the flow where I bring my creations to life. Today has helped me to write and to make images which is wonderful as I am working on some projects, namely my book which I have felt stifled on for a while. This type of nature experience always opens me up and helps me flow again!

The lesson here is to keep flowing one needs downtime and quiet to access the muse.

Love to you all


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