Learning in the moment

Learning in the moment.

My husband loves to just get stuck in and try things out. Fixing things, Making things, working out problems. He's the kind of person that picks up people's "junk" they say it doesn't work but he magically finds the problem and creates a solution. It's pretty inspiring to watch. He has oodles of patience and loves to tinker. He's been wanting to do a lot of our house renovations himself. We agreed that he'd do the carpets in the offices where it didn't matter so much if anything went wrong! He spent time researching how to for carpets, what tools to use, and how they work. He went and got those tools either free or purchased. First, he fitted a small section of carpet in our son's hideaway cupboard as we call it. It's a cupboard that opens up and is quite long, he has a blanket and cushions and wants to use it as a little reading nook. That went well, he then spent this afternoon carpeting his new office. The result, honestly it looks fantastic (just as good as the professionals that did the new bedroom carpets) and he has such a good feeling of wow I did that myself. And it was something I wanted to learn. That's the way real learning makes us feel. There were bits of carpet remnants and my son was playing with them, my husband made a suggestion of using it to carpet the dolls house and they have been happily engaged in this project together as I've been cooking dinner. Lots of measuring, cutting, sticking, etc all going on as well as listening skills, conversation, and relationship building. Education at home or learning together as I like to call it as learning is happening all the time is a skill for life and it's easy to forget how many wonderful day-to-day opportunities our children can have. In May I'm opening the doors for The Roots of Education which is an intensive course I've created exactly for home educators. Do sign up at the bottom of the page to hear from me directly with weekly inspiration.

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