Isolation homeschooling is not how it should be...

When we started home education officially back in 2019, Our first choice, I absolutely never expected a lockdown to happen where we all became isolated from one another.

It's furthest away from my idea of home education than anything I had imagined.

Home education was going to give us more freedom. Freedom to step out into the outdoors to explore, learn and have adventures.

It was going to give us slow mornings with hot breakfasts and snuggled in over great stories, poetry, and singing over hot baked bread.

It gave us the opportunity to head off to the beach in the week with groups of friends and have it all to ourselves.

There was so much more freedom and joy in our everyday experiences.

Then came the pandemic and we were all cut off from our friends and our families and almost 1 year later we are still here.

The isolation is kicking in. We are isolated in person. But not in heart. Because we are going through this together.

This isn't how it was meant to be.

My heart really goes out to you if you have been placed in this isolation and are also having to juggle educating your children alongside work. I want you to know that I am thinking of you.

Home education wasn't your first choice and perhaps school works better for you and even your kids.

Whatever situation you are in that is less than ideal, I want you to know that we are in this together.

We are not meant to be isolated from one another. We are human beings who are social creatures and we need human contact.

We will be there soon again.

But until then.

I am thinking of you.

It's ok if you are just surviving, it's ok if your exhausted, it's ok if you struggling. It's just ok, we can only do what can do right now and that is more than ok.

Lot's of love



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