How Children Learn - Learning Styles.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Have you ever noticed how some people are really good at some things, and you are better at others? Or perhaps you are trying to communicate with someone and they just don't understand you, maybe you are speaking to them in a way they don't understand. It could be because they learn differently to you. You could be telling them directions orally, but if they are a better visual learner than they are listener, they may really struggle to take that in and be better being shown such as a map or drawn diagram. We all make sense of the world in some similar ways but we all learn and see things differently. It is what makes us unique.

I remember being at School and always comparing myself to others.Why can't I do that as well as that person, why am I better at this? I really was not logical around things like maths and numbers, and yet I could read music, easily remember languages and draw and create absolutely no problem. I'm sure you have similar understanding in your own way. It could be that you are someone who needs to write things down to understand them, or you might need to listen and watch something to help understand better. Our brains also work slightly differently to each other, Some people are more logical ( left brain ) The right side of the brain is more creative and emotional.

For example if I could have learned maths creatively using nature and being outside and through art I would have understood it much better because I thrive in nature and beautiful visuals and doing. I know this now, but I didn't know this then. I knew whether I was good or not good at something but I didn't understand why that was.

This is really a topic I don't know a lot about but something I noticed in the mainstream school system was that every child is taught the same and that each child's intelligence is basically built on his or her ability to perform in a certain way.

Teachers stand at the front of the class and children sit down on chairs, they are asked to listen and watch the teacher. Sometimes there will also be a text book.

So the mainstream system is built on Aural (listening) visual (writing on a board) text book (reading) and writing. Yes there is physical education but it is a separate entity, subjects are not taught creatively or through any movement.

But there are many more ways to learn. So some food for thought here is that let's say for example there are more learning styles as there definately are, surely the children that struggle at school, a massive factor for them is built on the idea that their learning style is perhaps not catered for. With this idea in mind, I propose that children who are sent to special ed class and struggle in lessons is down to maybe several reasons but a big factor would be interpreted as their learning style is not catered for in the classroom. Therefore not allowing them to reach their highest potential in their classes. For example if you have a child who is mostly a kinesthetic learner (moving and do -ing) Apparently this caters for only 5% of the population but this is a child who would struggle greatly as their basic needs for learning would just not be catered for. One of the reasons I chose home education for my Son.

Let's take a look at Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences.

From the diagram we can see that Howard Gardner identified 9 multiple intelligence's. I find this absolutely fascinating! If we can understand this theory we can understand that mainstream education is actually hugely limiting to many students who learn a different way or may have a higher percentage in another area than those used in Schools.

To gain more understanding of this theory I have just started reading Frames of Mind By Howard Gardner. I learned about Howard Gardner in my study of the Reggio Emelia Method as he was one of Loris Malaguzzi's inspirations.

You can also take a quick test to find out more about your learning style, I had a percentage of 3 different learning styles inparticular. click here.

Knowing your own learning style as well as your child's is a huge benefit in supporting them in their learning journey. For me understanding my Son's learning style has made a big impact on everything I do and the opportunities I give him. It has helped me understand that my learning style is different to my son's and therefore I have had to learn a different language almost to be able to communicate with him in a way that he understands.

It is a fascinating topic and one that I will continue to learn more deeply about. I will update this blog accordingly as I do so.

Love Jade xxx

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