Healing Stories for Children.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

What is a Healing Story?

Today I wanted to write to you to talk about how Healing stories can help your children with various situations. First of all let me tell you what a healing story is.

" A therepeutic (healing) story is a pedagogical strategy which uses metaphor and story as an indirect tool for regulation of behaviour and helping with trauma through the individual and group work (with children, teens and adults)

As medicine is used to help restore wholeness or balance to out of balance physical conditions, story medicine, (therapeutic or healing stories) can be an imaginative and effective strategy for helping shift out of balance behaviour back towards wholeness or balance.

Therapeutic storytelling is a subtle yet often effective means of addressing challenging and traumatic situations and topics.

Working with a specific selection of metaphors chosen for the specific behaviour or situation for the specific behaviour or situation, the story form offers a healing medium that allows the listener to embark on an imaginative journey, rather than being lectures or directly addressed about the issue. By identifying with the main character, characters, the child, the teens, adult is empowered as obstacles are overcome and a resolution achieved.

A therapeutic story has the potential to shift an out of balance behaviour or situation towards wholeness or balance. The story may heal, help a lot, a little,strengthen, resolve, and. or change.

A therapeutic story approach is an invaluable tool for therapists, parents and teachers - it offers story medicine as a creative strategy for life's daily challenges. " by Susan Perrow.

Especially at this time of the Covid -19 Pandemic there is a lot of unease in the world. I can imagine in every home in some way shame or form we are all feeling the affects. Healing stories are one way in which we can support our children.

The amazing Susan Perrow has written a beautiful Story and Rhyme called the Gnome who had to stay home which speaks to children in a way that a conversation will not. Here below is the little rhyme and you can go to Susan's website www.susanperrow.com into the stories section and download it along with a handwashing song which can also be very helpful to make washing hands fun for little ones who cannot understand. She also writes it in different languages should you need it.

Children learn through play, stories, and songs so if there is one thing you can do today it is to share the songs and stories with your children and do them daily to help them understand in a way they can comprehend.


The Little Gnome Who Had to Stay Home (Rhyme)

by Susan Perrow

Little gnome had to stay home! He couldn’t play with his friends, And he couldn’t roam. He was stuck all alone, In his tree roots home.

Didn’t everyone know How little gnomes love to roam! Mother Tree whispered … ‘Listen to me, Things are not as they used to be – But trust me - soon you will be free.’

Little gnome knew He could trust Mother Tree. Mother Tree was as wise as wise could be. So little gnome had to trust, And patiently, wait to be free!

Up high in Mother Tree The birds sang with glee, And the wind blew round and round, Bringing messages each day, From very far away.

At the bottom of the tree, In his knobbly tree root home, Little gnome was busy Finding many things to do…… You may be able to do them too!

Little gnome can dance Little gnome can sing Little gnome can paint and draw And do somersaults across the floor.

Little gnome can dance Little gnome can sing Little gnome can clean and cook And curl up with a picture book.

Little gnome can dance Little gnome can sing Little gnome can …………………………. And ………………………………………………..

If you wish you could also make a little Gnome and a home for him. This was initially a little Spring garden that has plants and soil and grass seed on which will hopefully sprout and grow over Easter time. When I found the story by Susan Perrow I decided to use it as the little Gnomes home perfect for storytime. Even if you can just read and sing the songs with your children I promise you they will touch them deeply and help them understand in a way that they can comprehend.

Love Jade


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