Finding Joy in Family Life - Attitude of Gratitude

I believe Joy in Family Life begins as an everyday practise. Everyday practices form habits. Habits can make or break us and lead us to very different lifestyles.They can lead us to dread each day waking up or to wake up feeling full of gratitude for each moment on this earth.

Most people are still in the belief system of waiting for things to get better.

Things do not just get better.

We have to actively create our everyday practises to make change within ourselves because change comes from within.

We make change by consciously making the choices that lead us to the change we want every single day.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, but it can take just under a year for it to be fully formed.

One of the ways that I made the biggest change in my life was through an attitude of Gratitude.

Back in 2018 I went through a really big transformation within myself. I started to face my shadows, my fears, my hurts, and I knew how much I wanted to change myself. I wanted to be kinder, more loving and grateful for everything I have, and to live the life I had always wanted. I wanted to transcend the hurt, I wanted to find my purpose in this life. But the pain was so great. It was overwhelming. I just knew that the only way to start feeling better, was to feel the pain and the hurt I understood that your body has to feel in order to heal and process things.

As a photographer I found a lot of relief through making pictures and films. I started making pictures on my phone everyday as small squares. The idea was that if I could find one thing everyday to be grateful for, one little ray of hope I used to say It would help me to feel better, it would help me to notice, it would help me to be present and it would help me to love myself more, to love others more and it would help me to stay in that moment of pure presence. I was a mess, but I will never forget this time because I really started to change as an artist and as a person. I appreciated colour, light and darkness more, I became unafraid to explore darkness and shadows in photographs and I started to take longer to look at things. I would gaze for ages into a flower or up into the light through a leaf, I felt deeply connected to nature and I really found myself in those moments.

The practise of gratitude everyday changed my life. Because as the last couple of years have gone by, lot's of lovely things have happened that have just been beautiful blessings in my life. It has not been easy but it was through this pain and through the gratitude that I was able to create this daily practise of inviting more abundance and joy into my every day life.

Finding Joy in every day Family life is an art and art takes practise!

To find Joy, is to be able to slow down and notice and really be present within yourself and your environment.

It's in noticing how you feel and checking in with yourself.

It's waking up in the morning and looking at those you love next to you and around you before you even think about picking up your phone to see what everyone else is up to in the world.

It's noticing how the light filters in through the window in a way you never noticed before.

It's noticing how cute your kid is the way they eat all the crusts around the toast first and get jam all around their face.

It's waking up and loving yourself and looking at the ones you love with so much love and gratitude that your heart could burst.

It's noticing the bees and butterflies in the garden and the sounds of nature.

It's feeling grateful for the smile your husband gave you

It's feeling grateful for the food in the fridge, the water in the taps, the air your breathe....

I promise you even if you find one thing to be grateful for every day and you say it out loud, you could even write it in a little journal each day one sentence or take one picture a day like I did.

That one moment you found gratitude in brings only more of it into your life.

The more gratitude you have, the more you find!

It doesn't just happen overnight, it takes time. Once you do feel it, the wonderful fuzzy feeling inside, it's still a work in progress, and even then we still have to work at it, because it's easy to takes things for granted when we have good times. The times that it's hard we still need to keep gong and keep finding things to be grateful for.

I promise you there is always something to be grateful for.

Joy in Family life starts with a daily practise of gratitude.

Take a moment every day to ponder for even a few minutes and find one thing you are grateful for.

It will change your life in a way you have never experienced.

Love Jade xoxox

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