Gathering together with Joy

Parent and Child Waldorf Group - November

Circle/Morning time

A special gathering to connect with your children.

What is Circle time/Morning time?

Circle time or Morning time as we call it at home is a time where you and your child/children can come together for a special gathering in the morning which can include singing, fingerplays, stories, movement songs/games, verses.

I adopted the term Morning time at our home which was inspired by Waldorf Circle time. We used this idea to create a foundation in our home but we add things that interest us that suit George's interests in his education.

For young children, a short 15 minute morning time is more than enough and the great thing is that you can lengthen it to suit the child.

In our Morning time, We light a candle, we sing a selection of seasonal songs mostly from The singing Year by Candy Verney (these songs we sing at the parent and child group), read a daily poem from The Seed that Grew the Tree, We have a main puppet story and then we may also read additional books that George is interested in as well as a chapter book that we are currently enjoying, we also might work on something of George's interest which is usually animal-related so we use books for this. It can sometimes be short and sweet and other times it can go on further. When we do additional things we usually spend 45 minutes together.

How to start morning time in your home

Start simply at breakfast time when you are together, or it could be after breakfast perhaps with some cushions on the floor in the heart of your home. it can be as simple as you like. Don't build too high expectations, to begin with. Start with a morning time song or a poem and be consistent with that before adding more into this time. We typically do morning time 4 days per week. Doing it around the same time everyday beings Rhythm, and predictability into your home. It is something we look forward to each morning with Joy. It is a wonderful time to connect and gather together.

What if my children don't want to sing or join in?

I would say that most of the time George is not always singing along with me. I usually will sing, and he joins in if he wants to. He will often hum along. He learns and takes information in best when moving of fiddling with his hands as I have identified that he is a kinesthetic learner and so he will either colour, draw or play quietly near me with legos or cars for example. As long as you establish these boundaries that you expect around this time of day it is very helpful so that your children know that at this time of day it is time to sit quietly together to gather.

Rhythm of Morning/Circle time

Light candle

Morning song

Poem, verse, finger play, nursery rhyme


Closing song


Start small and become consistent in that one choice before adding more each day.

Don't worry about it being perfect, let go and just allow yourself to build confidence. Gathering your children together and connecting in this way each day will get easier, you will become more confident telling stories and more confident singing. Don't worry about making mistakes or singing out of tune, just show up and be consistent as much as you can.

Show up with a smile and know that this will support and bring joy to your children each day.

This is a really good way to begin your day.

Lot's of love



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