Children are our spiritual teachers

Children are our spiritual teachers. I often feel that they are here to teach us rather than us teach them. When I am around children I always learn so much from them. They teach me to see things in a way that I had not noticed before. They teach me to be humble. They teach me when I need to come back to the present moment. They teach me to listen. They teach me to have fun and to be playful.

I have had so many wonderful experiences over the years being around the presence of children and what gifts they are to us.

The other night when I sat down on my son's bed before I did his meditation with him and I was a bit flappy. I was a bit irritated and I was going on about a few things out loud and he silently put his hand on my arm and just looked at me deeply. I immediately stopped and looked at him and everything just melted away and I came back into the present moment.

I thanked him and I calmly started the meditation.

What a gift, the gift of silence and being brought back into the present moment.

It was such a big lesson to me and a profound one at that too.

Listen to your children, they have so much to teach you.

It could be anything from a warm hug, something they say or do, the way they look at you, conversations you have, or maybe even something so quiet and profound. Just notice and it will stir something within your soul.

With love


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