Birthday Celebrations

Parent and child Waldorf group - January

Celebrations are an important part of the Waldorf philosophy. Celebrations and festivals are a way to mark certain points in the year and share them together as friends, families, and communities. Throughout the world, the Waldorf is adopted into all different cultures and religions who adapt the philosophy to their own part of the world.

Waldorf birthday celebrations in schools typically consist of a special story of over the rainbow, sharing something about the child from each year of his/her life, and wearing a beautiful rainbow cape and a birthday crown. Often the birthday ring is filled with candles which are lit each year of the birthday through the story.

Having a mix of ages within our Waldorf parent and child group I wanted to adopt a simple and meaningful way to celebrate and honour the birth of our children as well as parents.

Home educating our children and currently meeting once a month will most likely give us a few birthdays each month so I'm feeling a simple and meaningful offering will be appropriate.

-Singing a Happy birthday song

-Sharing some delightful things about the child's life and why we love them

-Share some photographs of them

- A gift - something from the heart.

I am going to suggest no purchased gifts. Waldorf promotes creativity and the gift of our talents.

Ideas for gifts could be quite simply

- a homemade birthday card or drawing

- sharing a special poem or song (written by the child or one you know they love and want to share)

-singing a song or play a tune on an instrument for them

- something they have found in nature they feel the child would love such as a shell etc

- a letter or note sharing qualities they love

- these are by no means the end, there are many ways you can express and honour a birthday

There is also then no pressure to purchase gifts or no burden of financial concern.

Then also beautifully we teach our children the purpose of gift-giving also that they do not have the need to purchase gifts but they already have gifts within them to share with the people they love which encourages their creativity and imagination.

For parents, It's just lovely to feel appreciated so a little note of expression would be lovely for our mothers to feel cared for and thought of.

Lot's of love



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