Bedtime Rhythm

I talk often about the importance of rhythm in your family home and how it can bring peace, predictability, and a sense of calm to your home. Rhythm can help your day flow much more meaningfully. There are certain points in the day where we can have that dedicated time with our children and one of those times that is important for all of us is the bedtime Rhythm. So I am going to focus on that today. When our children go to bed that is the time we have to communicate with them and make them feel safe and connected before they go to into their deep sleep. How can we do that?

George is currently almost 7 and I have decided over the last couple of weeks to change things up a little bit. The bedtime Rhythm has pretty much always been once we have had dinner to clean up and spend a little bit of time together as a family, some supper, wash up and change for bedtime, stories snuggled up in bed, and a bedtime song.

I created the bedtime basket recently and thought I would tell you a little bit more about it and why I created it and what's inside of course.

I easily forget on a daily basis all the things to do and things that are a part of our family values can easily become forgotten when something crops up that needs doing in the moment. It helps me feel more organised when I have a rhythm card drawn up to remind me of the things within our rhythm that are important for one reason or another that we have decided. The good thing is it can evolve with you, you can change it up to suit you. You can add things or take them away to create a Rhythm that works for you and your children. That is what is great about it.

It might seem silly to write some things down but it can be a blessing and a reminder of doing the things and making time for the things that are important like communicating with one another. Have I checked in today? Have I connected? It doesn't need to take long but these little things really matter to the emotional health of all of us.

What's in my basket?

I am the seed that grew the tree - a poem for every day of the year.

We were doing this at our " Morning time" this is what we call our time together for home ed in the mornings. We do this 3 days per week at the moment so end up missing a lot of the poems so I thought reading a poem at bedtime would work better instead.

A year of wonder - classical music for everyday

This is something new I have brought in as we love music in this house and I feel music is a very important part of education, it's an opportunity to listen to a different piece of music each night and a short description of the composer and when it was written. We may or may not talk about the music afterward.

Drawing pad and pencils

I tend to find that George can become quite creative at this time of day. He is also a kinesthetic learner which means he likes to be doing something with his hands and listens better this way. Kinesthetic learners also need to move a lot more so jumping on the bed is quite common prior to the settling down stage. Drawing books and pencils helps him relax and create whilst I read to him. He may not always want to draw but they are in there if he wants to explore with them. Having the basket means I don't have to start looking for things in the moment, everything is there.

Chapter book

We have gone through quite a few chapter books recently, at the moment we are reading a David Walliams book and Hans Andersons stories are in there too as sometimes we like a change-up.

Rest and replenish

When we have finished reading I get him snuggled up in bed and do a short meditation. I only recently started doing a meditation when he was at one point struggling to settle down. I tried it one night a month or so ago and since then he has asked for it every night. In the meditation it's an opportunity to help him to relax, he can let go of anything that has bothered him that day and also think about something he's enjoyed as a final note before going to sleep which is a really positive reflection of the day and a letting go of anything he may be holding onto which is an important part of our emotional health.

If you would like me to share the meditation just let me know and I will add it into the blogpost for you.

How long does this take?

I like to be upstairs ready to start at 7ish and that he is in bed by 8pm

If you have any questions about this or want to share what you incorporate into your bedtime Rhythm and why that is important for you and your child I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day



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