Bala Lake Retreat

Updated: Sep 26

Come and spend a day with me and other women in the sacred lands and waters of Bala Lake.

This is the first of 4-day retreats centered around the elements of Nature that I have been called to create. Water will be in November, Earth in Spring, Air in Summer, and fire in September, dates to follow.

I have been spending quite a bit of time at Bala Lake as we attend a home education group there and a few months back I went to a women's circle there which was wonderful. I have felt the land and water open to me since this day and each time I go there I feel heartfelt communication in this sacred place. Each time I arrive, I feel my connection deepen with this land. When I put my hands on the land when my feet are on the stones and waters when I connect with the ancient trees. There's a strong healing energy present here. I am in awe.

The more I see all of nature as a living, breathing, sentient being, the more it opens up to me, The more deeply I feel connected to it, the more deeply my own heart and mind expand. It is a truly heart-expanding experience to see yourself in everything and feeling a deep knowing of interconnectedness within.

Bala is a historic market town in the heart of Wales and part of the Snowdonia National park, full of beautiful ancient trees and moss, Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid) is Wales's largest natural lake. The scenery is breathtaking. There is certainly a special feeling and energy here.

When I was last there I received a channeled message which I will share with you.

The land, this land is healing.

The waters are calling you.

They are healing you.

They are communicating with you, hear them.

Listen and hear through the heart gateway,

It is calling you here.

The land is opening its medicine to you.

Touch and communicate with the land.

Water, water, water.

Let it heal you.

Communicate with the waters.

I have felt encouraged to hold a day retreat here in these sacred lands to share with you a deep healing experience as we join together, share a heart circle, a hike within the lands, learn to work with and communicate with the water element and understand how our own water balance impacts us in our body and emotions, celebrate one another on our journeys, share a special meditation together, share stories, bless the sacred lands and waters through the ceremony, eating, dancing and connecting around the fire and deep healing and create and craft with our hands.


Sunday 14th November 2021

11- 4

The day

Meet to connect in a heart circle

Special meditation to connect with the lands

Working with the element of water and how we can apply its teachings to ourselves

Hike around the lake

Lunch and quiet time for yourself

Creating and crafting

Water ceremony connection

Fire for warmth and dancing

Light language healing offering



The cost is £45 per person

There are 8 spaces available

I have chosen the number 45 based on numerology - big changes are about to happen in your life. Do you feel the pull, hear the call?

Do you feel called to join us?

If you feel called to join us, you will feel it inside your heart if you are yearning for this day of healing.

If you feel called to learn and connect with the element water and this retreat day you will be most welcome to join us in these sacred lands. If you are wanting to deepen your connection with nature, feeling an urge to step more into the flow, and wanting to find more peace, more joy, and more meaning in your life this will give you the space to do so. if you are wanting to feel more at peace with your emotions and have a deeper understanding of how you are really feeling. You can rest deeply in nature, your heart and mind can become more deeply connected and the busyness of life will fade away as we share, connect and expand our hearts together. You can really find time for quiet connection and learn to listen in a different way and connect with the subtleties in nature that surround us. Nature is calling us to open our hearts and minds and to listen.

The water element has much to teach us. These healing lands are available to us and they want to connect with us. The magic awaits!

Book here

I look forward to you joining us. If you have any questions please do drop me an email directly at

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