10 ways to document your experiences during covid-19 pandemic.

I have always found that documenting my life is where I have found strength and discovery, whether it be through writing, drawing, photographing, filming, blogging, and really making a time capsule to make sense of life. I want to give you permission to open that creativity within you which is in each and every one of you. I would love to share this journey with you. Healing can be found through opening your creativity.

In years to come people will be talking about covid-19 pandemic. It will be talked about as part of our history. It's all over the world so in some way or another we will all be affected by it happening.

I believe that no matter how you are feeling documenting your experiences during this time will be helpful for us all to reflect on our current circumstances, it will help each of us to process what we are feeling, will help us to grow, to learn in different ways and in years to come our documentations we have made will be equally important when people want to know about experiences around that time. It will also be helpful and important for children in some way to document too.

10 ways to document during the covid-19 pandemic

1. A daily Journal

2. Make photographs of your experiences

3. Make videos of your life at this time

4. Write letters to yourself, your children, family and community.

5. Time Capsule

6. Art Journal

7. Write a blog

8. Create a helpful you tube channel to support people

9. Make a photo album with notes describing your experiences

10. A box of Keepsakes

You could include these helpful tips to talk about in your representation choice of documentation.

- What you are doing each day

- What you are experiencing

-How you are feeling each day

-What changes are happening

-Give yourself guidance and love

-What you are grateful for

-What/who you are missing

-What you are learning about yourself and others

-How you are growing

-What your hopes are for the future for yourself, your family, your community, the world

-How are you coping mentally, emotionally, physically

-How are you supporting yourself and others

-What you really need with

-What is your health like at this time

-What are your fears

-Document your children's behaviour and observations of play at this time

-What are you enjoying about this time

Talk about any new skills you are working on

-What opportunities this experience has brought you.

-Conversations you are having

-Things you are reading. (Uplifting/inspiring)

-What you are worrying about

-What you are dreaming about

-What you have noticed that you didn't notice before

-Talk about your family, the people you are living with and yourself

-What are you learning about yourself and others

-How is covid-19 pandemic impacting how you feel about yourself/about others/about the world/about life as a whole

-Have you been creating in some way, express you creativity through your chosen documentation

-What are you doing support your emotions and your children's

Documenting is helpful for both adults and children. It really depends on your child as to their age and openness to documenting. It could be that you do a documenting project together within your family exploring various different options of documentation of the above in expression.

The second reason why Documentation is also really important for us at this time is because in years to come after covid-19, many of us will need some form of therepy. What is happening right now is that the world is in trauma. In order to survive parts of our brain will shut down in order for us to survive so we are not always able to process what is going on around us until often many years later when we are safe enough to allow these emotions, so it's really healthy and helpful for us to document what we can now and when we may re visit our documentations in the future it will be very helpful for us to process and let go.

You definitely should not feel bad about not doing everything you want to do right now. This doesn't need to be another part of your to do list. It can be a simple bullet points of what you are doing each day and collecting drawings from the children, letters, pictures or activities you have done around this time and perhaps letters of how you were feeling.

If you need any further support with this please do feel free to drop me a message and I would love to connect with you.

Love Jade


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