Documenting Honest Motherhood


A Mothers Support Group.

I set up Documenting Honest Motherhood back in 2018.

It came around a time for me when I had to face the darkness of trauma and surrender to life. It was in these moments that I was able to find self love and healing and it was the time I was inspired to help others.

A journey of personal exploration and discovery. Of happiness, of sadness, of trauma, of healing which is authentic to each mother.

I have always found in my life that documenting my life is where I have found strength and discovery, whether it be through writing, drawing, photographing, filming, blogging, and really making a time capsule to make sense of life.

It's where I can have a safe space to create whatever I want for me. Upon recent events, this idea has been born of sharing my personal experiences in more depth and honesty with other Mother's and giving them the tools that work for me and allowing and encouraging them to experiment with them for themselves to find what works for them. I hope this group can be a safe space to find your own creativity and inspiration in motherhood, but mainly space where you can feel inspired to create for yourself, Creativity is a way in which you can nurture yourself. As Mother's we all need to nurture ourselves more.

I want to give you permission to open that creativity within you which is in each and every one of you. I would love to share this journey with you. Healing can be found through opening your creativity.

You are welcome to join the support group here

Thank you for being here.

Love Jade