Jade Evans

Jade Evans is a Parent Educator/ Coach and the Creator of The Rooted Family.
Her work focuses on following the natural development of the growing child, self-directed education, play - the language of childhood, and the inner work of the parent.
Jade helps families to create harmony and flow in the home through Strong rhythms and a nurturing environment to nourish your growing family from the inside out.
Over the last 12 years, Jade has worked as a family photographer and filmmaker working with clients all over the world documenting real life.
Fascinated by Psychology and how people communicate with one another in our culture, Jade has embarked on a new journey supporting families to create the life they truly want that is aligned by their deepest values.
She believes that the way we parent has the power to transform the world and shift into a new paradigm. She believes it's most important that we change ourselves first, by confronting our past, healing from our pain, fully accepting ourselves and only then can we parent from a whole place of being a conscious parent where we can truly see ourselves and we can truly see our children as who they really are and why they are really here to fulfill our true purpose.
Jade lives in the beautiful north wales surrounded by nature. She lives with her Husband and Son alongside their dog Luna.
She believes strongly in self-directed education and is hugely inspired by the forest school movement and Waldorf education.
Jade works with parents in a nurturing and compassionate way and holds space for you to step into the person you really are.
Jade teaches online courses, 121 and group coaching and creates holistic resources to support you in your journey.